Blockchain developer

Blockchain developer

  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Salary : salary no bar for right candidate
Roles : blockchain developer


  • researching, analyzing and designing blockchain networks, consensus protocols and decentralized applications.
  • planning security and compliance across the entire blockchain network and applying cryptographic mechanisms such as hash functions and digital signatures
  • researching and evaluating new tools and technologies and integrating them into a blockchain network or its applications.
  • developing, testing, monitoring and maintaining a blockchain network, with a focus on performance, distributed computing, consensus protocols, cryptography and other security measures.
  • developing, testing, monitoring and maintaining decentralized applications, smart contracts, must understand Ethereum development,back-end systems, client-side applications and any other components that make up the application stack
  • documenting development processes, artifacts and best practices as well as blockchain applications or systems and employing a wide range of soft skills, including communication, collaboration, problem-solving, multitasking and working in a team environment.

Job Overview

  • Experience:

    Minimum 2+ year experience
  • Salary:

    salary no bar for right candidate
  • Location:

    Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Bond:

    3 Years Bond